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How to Choose Seamless Steel Pipe or Welded Steel Pipe in Construction?

How to Choose Seamless Steel Pipe or Welded Steel Pipe in Construction?

Issue Time:2022/10/24
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seamless steel pipe
When undertaking any construction process, having the right materials is essential. When the project involves any type of pipe, someone has to decide between welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. This decision is not always as simple as it seems.

For example, there are many regulations regarding the use of welded steel pipes. This is based on the materials going through the pipes and the pressure that those materials will be subjected to. Therefore, it is important to understand seamless steel pipe before making a decision. 

The advantages of seamless steel pipe:

Welded steel pipes are more prone to failure where they are welded, even though the seam may not be visible. Despite improvements in welding technology, the welded pipe can withstand up to 20% less pressure than the seamless pipe. 

There are other advantages of seamless steel pipe. Seamless pipes do not require any weld integrity testing and, in most cases, no heat treatment. This is because seamless pipes harden during the manufacturing process. It is also possible to use seamless pipes instead of welded pipes. At the same time, due to strict regulations, welded pipes cannot replace seamless pipes. 

Most importantly, seamless pipes are more resistant to corrosion. They contain fewer impurities and ductility-related defects. These are usually found in the welded part of the welded pipe.

Advantages of welded steel pipes:

While seamless pipe has many advantages, welded pipe (LSAW/SSAW/ERW pipe) may also have some. For example, welded pipe is cheaper than a seamless pipe and has a shorter procurement cycle.

It is not always necessary to use seamless pipes, but the petroleum and pharmaceutical industries often require them. The high temperatures and pressures associated with their products make seamless pipes a necessity.

Due to industry regulations, engineers need to consider the fabrication and grade of the pipe. Seamless and welded processes cannot manufacture all grades. To meet stringent deadlines, engineers must have a thorough understanding of manufacturing constraints.

Whether the seamless or welded pipe is the right choice for a particular construction project is a complex decision that depends on many factors and resources. What the pipeline will transport is the main consideration. If you want to buy seamless or welded steel pipes, please contact us.

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