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Learn the Basics of Fire Pumps

Learn the Basics of Fire Pumps

June 17,2022
fire pump
A fire pump is any type of dedicated drive pump used in a fire protection system. It can be powered by diesel engines, electric motors or even steam and used to increase water pressure to meet fire system design requirements. Fire pumps do not produce water. Instead, they generate pressure from existing water systems, such as city water lines or storage tanks, by converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.

Fire pumps are necessary when the available water supply cannot produce the hydraulic pressure needed to meet the needs of fire protection systems such as automatic sprinklers and risers, or even foam systems. An example is a high-rise building, where the pressure from the city's supply lines is not enough to overcome gravity to reach the top of the building. In this case, a fire pump is installed to provide a boost to bring the necessary pressure to the top. It is important to remember to have a steady water supply so that the fire pump can function properly.

Fire pumps are responsible for increasing water pressure to meet the pressure needs of the building or space in which it is located. For large spaces such as high-rise buildings or warehouses, a fire pump is required if the existing water supply cannot provide enough pressure to deliver water along with all parts of the sprinkler system. 

How do fire pumps work?

Fire pumps work by taking available water from the water supply and increasing the pressure. This stored energy allows water to be distributed along with sprinklers throughout the building. Fire pumps are usually powered by electricity, steam, or combustible fuels. 

They are connected to the external water supply, so the water level is not affected by the water used by the building. For this purpose, some fire pumps can be connected to a water source, such as a well or a cistern.

Types of fire pumps

Different types of fire pumps are available to address space and budget constraints. The fire pump also must not over-pressurize the water, as this may damage the system. There are two main types of fire pumps: positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Positive displacement fire pumps use a limited flow of water to create high pressure that pushes the pressurized water in waves through the discharge line. They are less common but are sometimes used with water mist and foam systems.

Centrifugal fire pumps generate pressure by spinning water. Water enters and is rotated by the impeller, where centrifugal force is applied. The pressurized water is then discharged into the spray pipe. This type of fire pump is relatively common and comes in several different configurations to suit different spaces or structures. Some of the most common configurations include:

Horizontal split fire pump

Vertical turbine fire pump

In-line fire pump

End suction fire pump

Multi-stage multi-port fire pump

The above briefly describes the knowledge of fire pumps, I hope it can help you understand more about fire pumps. If you want to buy fire pumps, please contact us. BAOLAI is a professional custom fire protection system manufacturer. Welcome to send us your needs, we’ll provide you with professional fire protection system solutions.
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