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Firefighting Pipe ( Fire pipe) is a type of normal carbon steel pipe used to convey fire suppression agent such as water or gas. Usually it is red in color. But light-wall pipes have a galvanized exterior of a silvery appearance. Attention: Installation of red steel pipe is limited to wet pipe sprinkler systems only. Baolai provide fire pipes and fittings installations in fire protection systems with FM and UL certification.

According to the production process, firefighting pipe includes ERW Firefighting Pipe and Seamless Firefighting Pipe.

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Firefighting System Supplier & Maintenance Services

The most important realizations concern the components of steel, naval, petrochemical, energy, special machine tools (adjustments), industrial automation for pipelines.
Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

We provide the complete solutions for design of all types of Fire Protection Systems in compliance with the national & international regulation and approvals by state authorities such a Civil defense.

Supply and Installation

Supply and Installation

We supply complete range of Fire Protection System including fire alarm, emergency exits, firefighting, gas system and all types of fire extinguisher at competitive rate price and delivery across UAE.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Having trouble with your existing Fire Safety system ?, we're here to help you with the most competent and customer friendly team of Engineers who do their job right in no time.

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